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In 2013, we were established in Waterloo, known as Canada's Silicon Valley. As a creative team that provides a full range of design services, Hexagon Studio strives to help large international or local companies, small organizations, and start-up companies stand out in their respective fields.

We accumulate knowledge & expertise, and dream about pushing the society forward.

We are a group of ordinary people, who refuse to live in the world of ordinary.

We believe in the power of design can make the world a better place.

We have the arsenal to provide solutions, and resolve problems through the power of design.

What makes Hexagon Studio unique is that we provide you with the most comprehensive design solution. Through space design, graphic design, website development, UI/UX design, social media strategy, and branding expertise, we help brands reach new heights in aesthetics, and increase brand awareness while building up loyalty, and generating considerable income.





The alternative to good design is always bad design. There is no such thing as no design.

— Adam Judge

Strive to Solve Imperfections

If We are

We are obsessed with making a difference in the world of ordinary, that is why we provide our customers with unique solutions that can stand out among the competitions and withstand the test of time abidingly. Good design not only should be visually appealing, but more importantly, generating the results that reach the business goals and match the expectation of the clients. Rather than creating something that make you feel good or looks "fantastic", pinpoint the problem, providing the solution, executing according to plan, reviewing and improving the outcome are much more important.

In order to design a product that works well for the client in their respective industry, efficient communication is imperative. Every successful project starts with a deep understanding of the needs of the target audience.

Good answer leads to right question

How We
Make Magic

Careful preparation and efficient communication ensure a good start of any project. With well-thought-out design process and proven methodologies, we serve our clients better by preemptively spotting the potential problems and provide the clear options and right answers.


Initial Meeting

By asking a series of questions, we make sense of customers’ situations, pain points, business goals and project scope. Then we talk about potential solutions & estimate the time and the cost.


Planning Phase

Make strategic planning. We utilize the info gathered from the initial meeting to conduct research and surveys of client’s industry, clarify the target audience, and locate the potential obstacles to find put together a comprehensive solution for the client.


Problem & Solution

In-depth dialogue with the client. We present our findings and solutions for feedback, and map out the entire project, specify the time, milestones and deliverables. So the project can officially begin.



Base on the budget and the needs of the client, we allocate sufficient resources and proper team members to the project. During the execution phase, our supervisors will keep a close eye to ensure the project meets each milestone and the high standard we uphold.


Reflect & Polish

Optimize the details. We navigate the work through continuous communication during the execution and dynamically adjust to customer feedback to ensure that the project is on the right track. For certain projects, user testing will be conducted to ensure the user experience rule out any bugs.


Handover & Done!

Delivery and maintenance of our works. In order to ensure that each component of the design can function as intended, when the project is closed, the customer will receive an instruction menu. We will revisit in a period of time to collect long-term feedback. For projects such as web development, we will provide support in accordance with the agreement of our contract.

Exciting to Discover Imperfections

Tricks Up
Our Sleeves

Hexagon Studio consists of a group of talented individuals from different cultural backgrounds and professional disciplines. Magic happens when we work together and support each others as a team. This dynamic composition of talents allow us to dabble in multiple fields with ease and provide our customers with a one-stop experience.

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Our Partners

Since our establishment, we have worked and partnered with hundreds of clients of all sizes locally and internationally. We have witnessed the incredible growth and regional/global expansion of the clients with the help of our expertise. Our clients came from a broad spectrum of industries, Food/Drink, Entertainment, Fitness, Education, Digital Currency, Recreation, Real Estate, etc. With this accumulated portfolio, we are confident that we can be of services for you as well.