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We can proudly say that within a few years of our establishment, we have rapidly achieved spectacular achievements as a small professional team who can handle multiple projects simultaneously. As a value-oriented team, being able to produce good through creativity far outweighs making profit. We insist on establishing a transparent and sincere partnership with every customer and treating every work we produce as a responsibility to society. Even though it is difficult for us to have enough power to cure every defect of society, fortunately, we can still bring a little more happiness, by building a better brand, creating comfortable spaces and designs that may improve efficiency with customers.

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Witnessing the growth and change of each customer, that dribs and drabs feeling is the driving force for us to move forward. In the future, we will continue to combine both practical and artistic perspectives to help more customers make the right choices.

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The customers, the visitors, the patients, the readers, the guests, whatever you call them — their experience is what determines the company’s success or failure. So focus first on the overall experience. It’s strategic, not tactical. It’s about the people, not the tool.

— Mark Hurst